1. Decide on the class you would like to join.
  2. Read through the AGD Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct
  3. Fill in and submit the enrolment form below
  4. You will be contacted regarding your class to confirm the details.
  5. An invoice will be sent to you upon confirmation of your class.
  6. Please note: There is a $20.00 administration fee added to all enrolments. (One fee per family, per year).
  7. Please pay the invoice by the due date
  8. See you in class!

**Every effort is made to accommodate student class requirements. Please note that some classes require a minimum number of students. Classes may be amended due to insufficient numbers, scheduling or teacher availability.**

ENROLMENT FORM – 1 Per Student (please complete and submit)

Please select the class/classes the student is enrolling in(required)

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the AGD and the Code of Conduct(required)

AGD Code of Conduct can be viewed here: Code of Conduct
AGD Terms and conditions can be viewed here: Terms and Conditions

Term Timetable
Term Prices
Uniform Guide
Uniform Prices
Uniform Order Form
Code of Conduct
Terms and Conditions

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