Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a first class trial?
Yes we do. If you are uncertain if a style of dance if suitable you are welcome to attend your first class free of charge as a trial. Please contact Angela for more details.

Can anyone attend an AGDA class?
Yes, AGDA caters for 3 years and upwards, girls and boys.
All classes are designed to be fun as well as cover fundamental dance technique. You will find the moves and steps get easier with practice.

How do I pay?
We accept payments for class through online banking or cash. Details will be provided on the invoice you receive.

Can parents watch the class?
Yes parents are welcome to watch the class. We have a room to the side of the studio where parents can sit. We ask that parents do not sit in the studio or interact with the students during class. We ask that parents either drop children off or wait in the designated area.

What if I can’t make class?
Students are expected to attend their classes each week. If they are unable to attend they should contact their teacher to inform them of there absence. Please note there are no refunds given if a student does not attend class or if a student decides to leave part way through the term.

Can I film the class? Permission must be obtained from the teacher.

Do I need to do exams?
Students are encouraged to sit their exams as they teach discipline, performance skills and create a sense of achievement. They are not compulsory but are encouraged.

What is a medal test?
Medal Tests are a short dance performance presented to the examiner.

Is there an opportunity to perform?
The AGDA puts on a yearly concert. This brings all the dance classes together in a fun, energetic show.
The concert performance at the end of the year is encouraged. Students learn how to work as a group, to present a dance to an audience. The concert is not compulsory but please be aware Term 4 classes focus on the concert performance.

If you have any other questions, please contact Angela.

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